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Coronavirus: A Divine Do-Over

A friend recently asked me a question that millions of Americans are wondering -- " What do you feel is the real reason God has allowed our circumstances?" I had actually been asking God that same question earlier in the day and the words "divine do-over" came to mind. Since there is no simple answer to that question this won't be a short post, but since you are stuck at home anyway, hopefully you will take the time to read this and seek God's answer to your questions about all this. There is no denying that life as we know it has been shaken to the core in recent days. It is bad enough that we have to deal with death, illness, financial lack, unemployment, violence, natural disasters, and social injustice in the normal course of living in a fallen world. But throw in a global health crisis that no one can get a handle on and suddenly we find ourselves in a bad situation that gets worse by the minute, and we are HELPLESS. What IS God's purpose in

Lesson on Coronavirus from the Birds Outside My Window

If anyone had told me we would ever experience the disruption to daily life or the stress of being without certain commodities we have come to take for granted in America, I would never have believed it.  Yet here we are.  COVID-19, or novel coronavirus, has been declared a world pandemic by the WHO.  What started as an outbreak in China has quickly spread around the world and invaded our shores -- an unwelcome enemy threatening not only our physical and mental health, but our economy as well.  Schools, churches, and businesses have shut down as people have been urged to self-quarantine to protect themselves and help slow down the spread of this potentially deadly virus. The entire country of Italy is on lock down, with Europe currently the epicenter of the virus.  In the U.S., major sports leagues and franchises have canceled sporting events, including the NCAA tournament.  Colleges have extended their spring breaks and advised their students that courses will now be completed onlin