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Turning Pages -- A New Chapter

Many of us are eagerly counting down the remainder of 2019 and hoping for better things in 2020.  There have been many losses, much stress, and sorrow and sickness in the lives of our families and friends.  Perhaps you too have been touched by tragedy, illness, or financial strain this past year.  I know I have.  But if we look hard enough we can find reasons to give thanks, can't we? My husband lost his mom in June.  Although it was a sad time for our family, it was one of great joy for Janet.  She finally got her wish -- to leave a world she had grown weary of and join her Lord and loved ones in heaven, where she can see and hear and laugh again. After five years of renting a modular home in what I call "the swamp," we moved into a darling brick home just off Main Street in the heart of Gloucester County. What a blessing and answer to prayer it is to have a home of our own, just in time for the holidays!  Now we truly feel we have settled in Virginia.  I don't s