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What others are saying about Now This Is Living

I have read all of the devotional books Mrs. Wike writes. They are well thought out and give points to ponder in living the Christian life. I do appreciate the structure of the devotions in "Now this is Living" because, like the devotional classic "Streams in the Dessert", the reading for each day is short and packed with content. It holds my attention and causes me to strive to grow closer to the Lord. I am going through it and savoring each day. Thank you so much for the prayer you put into this.
-- Elaine Littau, author of Christian fiction novels 

What others are saying about A Pleasing Aroma

Dee Dee’s devotions are always inspiring as she shares with the readers of Common Ground Herald each month, and A Pleasing Aroma is no exception. Not only do I find inspiration in these devotions, but I find a challenge to a status quo attitude. I particularly like how at times she includes an evangelistic challenge with many of the practical life applications.
Tony Kilgore, Publisher and Editor of Common Ground Herald a regional Christian Newspaper,

Taking a moment to read any of Dee Dee Wike’s inspirational nuggets of wisdom in A Pleasing Aroma never fails to cheer a flagging spirit. In her second nonfiction book, she weaves biblical verse throughout her personal stories of challenge—stories applicable to all of us navigating today’s fast-paced life. Just as in her first book, Good to the Last Drop: Refreshing Inspiration for Homeschool Moms and Other Busy Women, Wike relates God’s promises and messages of hope, love, understanding, and encouragement to everyday living. These messages offer the polish to buff a drooping outlook into a sparkling reflection of our Maker’s image. They surround the reader with strong armor while strengthening the foundation to spread encouragement to others.
Joan Crowe, former editor and publisher of several weekly newspapers serving suburban towns and cities in the Memphis, Tenn., area.

This book is perfect for busy believers. The devotionals are short, packed full of everyday situations and easy to read. Dee Dee gives the reader hope by giving incidences from her own life, letting them know they are not alone in this walk we call life. I highly recommend this devotional to anyone and everyone.
—Michelle Jinnette, stay-at-home mom and book review blogger

A Pleasing Aroma by author Dee Dee Wike is a refreshing book that works well in devotion time each day. The chapters are illustrations of “where the rubber meets the road” in all of our lives. It is not a pretentious work. She does not set herself up as a perfect example in the “how to” of Christianity. She does illustrate the presence of the Lord in everyday situations in which we are all familiar. I identified with most of the topics and really admired her treatment of things like the complications of raising teens, discouragement, joyfulness of life, and all the bumps in the road between the great times we encounter. This book, as well as her last work, is well worth reading.
—Elaine Littau, author of Christian Historical/Western Fiction

 What others are saying about Good to the Last Drop

Here are my "great read" book recommendations for Christmas: For Busy Moms – Good to the Last Drop, by Dee Dee Wike – Central has our own in-house author in Dee Dee who offers insight and encouragement to busy women who are struggling to find peace amidst the chaos of everyday life.
--Rev. Ernie H. Frey, Ph.D.
Senior Pastor, Central Church

Dee Dee is like a friend who writes you an upbeat letter every time you need a boost. She has created a book of short, readable visits that are better than coffee. I wish I had had "Good to the Last Drop" when I was a young mother.
--Mary H.G.

I was reading the story of "The Power of Thankfulness" and it was really just what I needed at that point in my day in my life. With all the commotion of the holidays sometimes I feel overwhelmed. The scripture Philippians 4:6-7 was just the message I needed that day. Looking forward to finishing the book soon. Dee Dee's writing has always been interesting and inspirational!
--Laura B.

I love it! You are so easy to follow and understand. I identify with you very well! I like to read a reflection in the bookach day as I slip into bed and try to calm my mind down from all of the daily activity. You give me something to think about, to be thankful for, and to pray about as you share excerpts from your life.
--Janet R.

This book will be relevant and helpful to anyone who reads it -- young or old, married or single, parents or not, male or female, homeschooling or not. The author's biblically sound wisdom and insight is something anyone can benefit from!
--Margie M.

I finished "Good to the Last Drop" last week...I loved the book! How comforting to know that other women struggle with every day trials and frustrations, but are learning to lean on the Only One who can give hope and comfort. I keep the book by my bed and at times when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep I pick up the book and it brings comfort. Honest and written from the heart. Dee Dee is a gifted writer who is using that gift for the Glory of God.
--Linda E.

I have enjoyed your book so much that I ordered copies to give my friends and family for gifts. I can't stop reading the stories. They are so interesting and right on the mark! I enjoy the creative way you tie in God's principles and biblical verses along with daily living. Also, the reading is a good length for me in my world of busy motherhood!!!
--Pamela M.

I have been using "Good to the Last Drop" as a daily devotional. Reflecting on God's Word before I go out the door to work each day "centers" me and gives me peace. It is a wonderful way to start my day.
--Dottie S.

I love her book. I think everybody will enjoy reading it.
--Jana W.

"Good to the Last Drop" fell into my hands at His perfect timing. As a gift from Dee Dee in a really hard time of my life, it lifted my spirits, gave me a hope I had lost, and most of all opened my eyes to the fact that I'm not alone in this crazy world we live in. Dee Dee has wisdom greater than she realizes, I think. God spoke to me through her many times throughout the book. It opened my eyes up to our need to keep our eyes focused on Him at all times, good and bad, and that He will not leave us nor forsake us...ever. Great book!! It helped me more than I can ever say in words.
--Debbie M.

Way to go! I just started it and I wanted to let you know it's wonderful. Very nice job.
--Christy W.

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