Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Different Perspective

Bodie Island Lighthouse
As a relative newcomer to Virginia I have spent the past several months exploring my new surroundings.  Easter weekend, my daughter and I had the opportunity to visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a popular destination not far from our home.

Cape Hatteras Light Station
Before our trip I used the Internet to research hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions.  One thing I was eager to do on our short trip was visit and climb a couple of lighthouses. Although I have never really understood the fascination with lighthouses, as I recently gazed upon a cherished Thomas Kinkade painting, which I received as a retirement gift, I was reminded of the lighthouses we visited and the lesson God taught me about perspective.

We visited three lighthouses -- Bodie Island, Cape Hatteras, and Currituck -- each unique and beautiful on the outside.  Despite their differences, each of these lighthouses possess certain characteristics in common:  they are active lighthouses with great historical significance, provide a signal at night to aid with nautical navigation, and they have steps...lots of steps...winding through the center of the structure from the bottom all the way to the top. 

Looking up to the top of Currituck lighthouse
Currituck Lighthouse
My daughter and I decided to climb the Currituck lighthouse and it was an experience I'll not soon forget! As we stood on the bottom landing of the steps looking toward the top of the lighthouse I knew the climb would be difficult and tiring, and it was.  At times I felt dizzy as I looked down at my feet to keep from stumbling.  Each step of that climb was laborious, especially as we ascended and got closer to the top.  At times I felt as though I would grow weary and lose heart (Hebrews 12:3) and not be able to finish the climb, but the Lord renewed my strength (Isaiah 40:31) as I stopped to catch my breath at the landings along the way.  At each landing there was a window overlooking the surrounding area, with each view more breathtaking than the one before it, motivating me to climb higher and higher until I reached the top of the lighthouse, 214 steps and 158 feet above our starting point at the bottom of the stairs.  Our perseverance was rewarded with a spectacular panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and Currituck Sound, visible from the top of the lighthouse, where we could see for miles in every direction!

Looking back on that visit to the lighthouse I am reminded that as Christians we are often challenged to live above our circumstances and try to see our problems from a different perspective -- God's perspective. Yet sometimes the steps we must take to rise above our problems is as difficult as the climb to the top of that lighthouse!  However, as we persevere, walking by faith and knowing that God is with us every step of the way, we can rise above our circumstances and behold His glory as never before.
View from top of Currituck Lighthouse

Another view from the top of Currituck

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Mother's Prayer

Today I held a little boy
As on my lap he slept.
He probably won't remember it,
But I won't soon forget.
As peacefully he dreamed his dreams
My memories turned to you --
To days gone by some twenty years
When that small child was you.
You've grown up now, no longer small,
With big dreams of your own,
But how I miss those happy days
Of you and me at home!
My prayers for him, as well as you,
Are much the same today,
That God will fill you with his love
And help you find your way.
When I am old and you've begun
A family of your own,
Just know how proud I am of you,
How glad that you're my son!

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