Thursday, May 30, 2013

Guilty by Association

"There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known." (Luke 12:2)

I wish I had a dollar for every time I said to my teenager, "You are known by the company you keep," or "You are guilty by association." As parents we are often concerned about the friends with whom our children choose to associate, yet we ourselves are guilty of engaging in relationships or lifestyle choices that keep us from moving in the direction God wants us to go.

Is being "guilty by association" such a bad thing? Well, that all depends on the association. Someone who is struggling to break free from addiction should probably refrain from associating with those who indulge in addictive behaviors. A Christian who seeks to be effective in reaching others for Christ needs to recognize that willfully choosing to sin or putting ourselves in the role of "savior" can have disastrous results. In our efforts to turn a fellow sinner from the pit of sin and self-destruction we sometimes place ourselves in the position of compromising our convictions, often to our own detriment, instead of elevating others to the lifestyle God desires for His children.

How much better would our lives and impact on others be if we were guilty by association with Christ? What if instead of compromising our values we remained steadfast in our convictions? As a result of spending time with Him daily, praying and reading His Word, we would be known by our love rather than a hostile personality. Our faith in God's provision, for instance, and our commitment to give to those in need would certainly turn heads in times of economic uncertainty.

As a believer in Jesus Christ I want to be "guilty by association" with the One whose grace still amazes me, who laid down His life for me, and who daily lavishes His love on me. I want to become more like Him and less like me. I want others to desire the same for themselves because they see Christ in me, the Hope of Glory.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

This and That

Hello, friends.  It seems ages since I posted anything here.  Life has been one big blur for the past few months and I've done well just to survive.  But God has been so faithful through every up and down life has thrown at us.

I have missed writing...terribly.  Over the past months deadlines came and went and opportunities to write were lost because I had so little time to sit at my computer and organize my thoughts.  I gave up my weekly column on the Sisters in Cahoots blog when writer's block set in with a vengeance.  There were a few creative moments where poetic nonsense spilled forth in a late night blog or a kooky email to a co-worker, but I spent many months in a literary desert.  During the summer and fall months, however, I was privileged to collaborate on someone else's book and do a little editing for a local publisher, so although I didn't write anything of my own it occurs to me now that at least I did write something!

I have missed connecting with God on the deep level I did before my husband's layoff last summer, not that God went anywhere.  My mornings simply became filled with a morning routine that no longer afforded me the luxury of an hour-long quiet time!  Although I prayed and read my Bible daily, hanging onto the promises of God's grace and provision, I found the abbreviated time with God more routine than rich.  Between figuring out how to survive a financial reversal, adjust to new jobs, and manage the stress of raising teenagers in an out-of-control world, it seemed God sometimes got crowded out, though I never intended for that to happen.  Even though I never completely lost touch with God or my family, I lost touch with many of my friends and for that I am deeply sorry.

There were bright spots, though.  Following my husband's job loss nearly a year ago God provided for us in so many amazing ways.  After six months of working part-time in retail, Steve is now working full-time for M&F Bank and still moonlights at Target every chance he gets.  And even though I reluctantly (kicking and screaming!) re-entered the work force "for a season," God blessed me with new friends and a paycheck to help put us on the road to financial recovery.

 Joy's lacrosse season brought a whole new experience for our family.  This was the first year one of our kids played a sport, so I got totally caught up in the role of lacrosse mom and was elected President of our lacrosse club.  I even bought myself a stick so Joy and I could practice together.  She and I enjoyed spending time together.  Her out-of-town tournaments became mini-vacations from the stress and afforded some much needed grown-up girl bonding time. 

We recently were visited by a little pup we named Rascal, who came to us as a stray.  Although we would have loved to keep him, with an elderly poodle and cat to care for we couldn't afford another furry friend so we decided to take him to the animal shelter.  Although I knew it was the responsible thing to do, I cried buckets when the shelter volunteer handed me the clipboard containing the paperwork!  I stopped by the shelter just a couple of days later to offer them the puppy food I had bought for Rascal and was delighted to see him playing with another puppy in an outside pen.  He paused ever so briefly from his play as if to say, "It's okay.  I'm happy and am sure someone will adopt me soon." 

As the school year winds down and summer beckons us to a gentler pace, I am resigning from my day job to spend more time managing our household and to help Joy knock out her bucket list, which includes trips to Jerry's Sno Cones, a favorite Memphis hot spot for cool treats and great burgers.

My third book, Now This Is Living!, is expected to release sometime in July.  As I prepare for its release I will be looking for additional writing and speaking opportunities and developing a marketing strategy that I hope will sell some books.  I have learned that books certainly don't sell themselves and that marketing is the most labor-intensive part of being an author.

Although I am quitting my day job, I will still be working as the personal secretary to a godly woman who has been a spiritual mentor and become a beloved friend.  I still believe God is calling me into full-time ministry as a writer/speaker and administrative consultant and am eager to see where He takes me on this new adventure.  To leave the financial security of a good-paying job has required a leap of faith, but God knows the way I take (Job 23:10) and I am confident that He will do immeasurably more than I can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Too Late to Write

I know that it's too late to write
Though writing always helps me
It's time for me to say goodnight
Because I'm getting sleepy
Perhaps tomorrow I will write
Some words to help another
But not tonight, this girl must sleep
Because I'm one tired mother!
Before too long the day will come
When I can write by sunlight
In morning hours when I am fresh
Not weary after midnight!
Until that day my thoughts will hold
And probably more sense make
But not tonight, I now must sleep
Until it's time to awake.

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