Monday, December 14, 2009

Only at the Post Office

Nearly everyday I go to the post office to check my PO box for book orders and payments. More often than not my box is empty, but lately I've found strange objects in the front seat of my car. The first time it was a package of postage supplies and stamps I had not purchased. Since it wasn't mine and there was no one on the parking lot, I returned it to the postal clerk inside. She knew the purchaser and agreed to hang onto it for her. When I walked back outside, there was a strange woman looking inside my car for the package she had mistakenly left there. It appears she had borrowed a car the same color as mine and had simply dropped the package in the wrong car before walking across the street to a landscape business. My daughter and I got a laugh out of the whole thing and vowed never to leave our car unlocked again.

This morning I made my usual run to the post office and again left my car unlocked for my brief trip inside to check my PO box. When I walked back to the car just moments later, I noticed an older woman about to get in my car! SO funny! Poor thing was embarassed and confused as to why there was a black umbrella on her front seat. She wondered if her granddaughter had left her umbrella in the car. When I looked at her car, which was parked beside mine, it wasn't hard to see why she would get in mine. Identical in size and color, it was an easy mistake for anyone to make.

Next time I go to the post office I'll make sure to lock my car. Or maybe I'll just leave it there unlocked to fool some other unsuspecting soul!