Monday, March 18, 2019

The Only Thing That Matters

Every now and then, someone who knows that I once  wrote blogs and books will ask me if I am still writing.  My answer is always "That was a season.  I'm too busy working and dealing with life's ups and downs to write these days."  While that is largely true, I do miss sharing my thoughts on what God is doing in my life and the lives of those I love.  I miss the joy of knowing that God can use the burdens I bear to minister to someone else who may be treading through valleys of their own or hanging on to the last bit of hope they can muster.

Like so many other families these days we are dealing with challenges that keep us on our knees.  Caring for aging parents, making ends meet the best way we can, and making every effort to model authentic Christianity to our young adult children, coworkers, and friends sometimes takes its toll on us emotionally and physically.  As we move through each day and watch time pass more quickly than we think it should we are increasingly aware of how precious each moment is.  We don't always make the most of each moment but we try our best to give our time and attention to the people around us, those we know and love dearly, knowing that at any time God could call them or us home.

Occasionally God sends a wake-up call to remind us that we are but one breath away from a glorious eternity.  That always causes me to ask, "Am I doing everything I can to share His love and the message of redemption and salvation with those who are lost and hopeless?"  One day Jesus will return to take His children home and leave behind those who have not yet received Him as Savior.  Do we really want to leave this earth knowing that we could have reached one more soul if only we had walked a little more closely with Him?

When we reach the point that we can honestly say our relationship with God is the only thing that matters, then He will bless and use us in ways we could never imagine to reach hearts and touch lives for His glory.  I don't know about you, but that sounds like quite a glorious and fulfilling way to live!

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