Sunday, October 23, 2016

God Is Not a Has Been

As I was working on a presentation earlier this week and reflecting on my journey with the Lord, I thought about the books I had written a few years ago and how long ago it seemed that I had passed through that season of life.  With speaking activity and book sales low the thought occurred to me that I could well call myself a "has been."  Been there, done that.

Then another thought occurred to me.  God is NOT a "has been."  In fact, He remains -- yesterday, today, and forever -- the Great "I AM."  Our lives may be ever-changing but He is constant, faithful, and true.  The world is in chaos but He has everything under control.  We didn't see THAT coming, but nothing takes Him by surprise.

We spend our lifetimes aspiring to be and do something special and significant.  All we really need is to find our significance in Him and live each day in the loving shelter of His embrace.  Yes, we need to be our best for our families, our employers, and our friends, but we also need to surrender control and leave the results to Him.

I am now in a different season of life, giving my time and attention to other interests and letting go of my past achievements.  After all, what is past is past.  There is a great joy in waking up each day, surrending my plans to His, and simply asking God to use me to make a difference.  Perhaps for the first time in my life I am not living to impress anyone but Him.  His approval is all I will ever need.

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