Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hidden Behind the Cross

Have you ever wanted to do something important?  To make a significant impact so badly that you poured all your energy into it only to make less of a mark than you had hoped?  Perhaps you had a dream that you thought God placed in your heart, but it didn't come to fruition the way you thought it would.

It's easy to get so caught up in the vision of what our future could hold that we lose sight of God's purpose for us in the here and now. It is a problem I struggle with daily.

Every now and then we need to lay aside our expectations and pray for God to have his way in us -- to forgive us for being more passionate about what we do than we are about Him.  We need to let go of everything that occupies our thoughts, and set our minds on him.

Father, forgive me for making everything about me and for the compulsion to share with others every little thing you are teaching me.  Sometimes my lessons are just for me.  Help me to live as though I don't exist.  Make me so invisible that when others look at me they see only You.  Hide me behind the Cross.

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