Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy to be Here

Although 2015 was a good year for me personally, it could have ended differently than it did.  A medical finding during a year-end physical resulted in more comprehensive tests that could have had an undesirable outcome.  Thankfully everything turned out well.

There have been years when the New Year couldn't come soon enough, when times were so tough that the only hope seemed to be new beginnings and resolutions for positive change. But through the years I have learned that no matter how hard life may be, I can rejoice in my current season because God is in it with me.  No matter what my circumstances, I can usually find a reason to be happy to be here.

As you step into 2016, I pray that you will take God's hand and invite him into your New Year.  If you will commit your way to Him and walk according to the principles and promises of His Word, He will give you the grace and courage you need to face whatever challenges may come your way and see each day as a grand adventure!

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