Friday, January 8, 2016

And So It Goes

January is already passing too quickly and will be gone before we realize it ever came.  And so it goes...

My son's car is scheduled for repairs next week and mine is beginning to make noise...again. I should get reward points for all the business our family gives the repair shop.  I'm just thankful to finally have a good mechanic and three cars with no car notes.  Expensive repairs on old,old cars...that's how it goes.

Did I mention the dryer is on its last leg, too?  At least the washer works, and there's a little money in the savings account to repair or replace the dryer.  One thing fixed...another breaks...that's how money goes.

But at the end of the day it's all good.  I know the One who makes all things new and promises to provide everything I need.  Because I have experienced His blessings and provision in the past, I am confident and filled with His peace that everything will work together as it should. How it will, I may not know.

One of these days I will experience true heartache or an illness that can't be cured with a cheap antibiotic.  My journey of joy will become a sojourn of sorrow, but I won't walk the path alone, for with me He'll go.

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