Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Easter Frog

I believe that God created animals not only for our pleasure but also to teach us his truths.  For instance, my daughter once captured a frog on the Saturday before Easter.  It wasn’t a large frog, but God used it to visually illustrate the Easter story for our family.

When it came time to settle into bed Saturday night, Joy decided that the frog should sleep in her room.  To make sure the frog would have no way of escaping, we fitted a mayonnaise jar with a wax-paper lid, secured by a strong rubber band, punched with tiny holes for ventilation.  When Joy awoke in the morning, she came running to me in a panic.  “Mom, the frog got out!”  Sure enough, when I got to her room I discovered that the frog had indeed escaped his enclosure and was nowhere to be found.  Despite its small size, the frog had managed to hop high enough to bust a big hole in our wax-paper lid.

The scene was quite hilarious, actually.  Outfitted in latex gloves, I was shouting directions at my husband, who was running around in his underwear and moving furniture so we could get to the frog, which had jumped off and hidden behind the dresser.  Knowing we had only a short amount of time to get dressed and off to church, we scrambled to recapture the fugitive frog.  We finally managed to restore order to our chaotic Easter morning, but not without a glimpse of what that first Easter morning might have been like.

Can you imagine the surprise and panic of the women who went to the tomb that morning?  The tomb had been secured by a large stone so no one could steal Christ’s body during the night and fake his resurrection.  When the women arrived, they discovered that the stone had been rolled away, and Jesus was nowhere to be found.  Bewildered, not only by the absence of his body but also by the words spoken to them by the angel who proclaimed his resurrection, they ran to tell the disciples, “Christ is risen!”

We rejoiced when we recaptured our amphibious escapee, but I imagine the  disciples were ecstatic when they realized that Jesus was alive and had risen—just as he said.  What a Savior!

Taken from Good to the Last Drop:  Refreshing Inspiration for Homeschool Moms and Other Busy Women by Dee Dee Wike

Copyright © 2015 by Dee Dee Wike. All rights reserved.

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