Sunday, April 19, 2015

Making It My Own

There are few things I find more therapeutic than planting and nurturing things that grow.  When we relocated to Virginia we left behind gorgeous azaleas and flower beds I had tended and nurtured for thirteen years.

My perennial bed from our home in Tennessee

The azalea bed we left behind

Sunflowers -- one of my favorite flowers

Nearly a year ago we moved into a home with one small flower bed croweded with shrubbery and weeds.  The lot on which our small house was built is picturesque, with a willow tree and bridge out front and lush forests behind.  However, it lacked one thing -- the color and fragrance of flowers.

Our new home in Virginia with scrubby yard and neglected flowerbed

We have been in our home nearly eleven months and the flower bed out front has taunted me daily since we moved in.  Too busy last summer getting settled in and looking for a job, I left the flower bed alone.  Besides, I was hesitant to alter the landscaping (if you could call it that) of a rental home. After all, it isn't technically our home.

After nearly a year of pulling into the driveway and walking beside that sad little flowerbed I knew I couldn't let another day go by without taking action.  On a gorgeous spring Saturday I headed off to Lowe's to pick up flowers and mulch then returned home to begin re-landscaping the front of my house.

Flowerbed before the work began

Flowerbed after removal of two unsightly shrubs, trimming of two remaining shrubs, and addition of pink Knock-Out rose and several bedding plants -- much improved!

Side view of the front porch -- in a few short weeks the tiny new plantings will grow into beautiful flowers and add color to my little corner of the world!

The exciting thing about tackling this project is not that I accomplished it but that I get to spend the next several months watching tiny little bedding plants grow and bloom.  How I look forward to that!

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