Monday, March 9, 2015

The Things I Miss Most

Hanging out in a coffee bar on a Monday night with no deadlines to meet and a whole hour to myself is such a treat.  For the past few weeks I have spent this weekly "me" time working on presentations or monitoring projects. Tonight, though, I just get to think...not about bills that have to be paid or chores I should be doing at home, but life in Virginia and the things I miss most back home.  It seems strange to say "back home" because I have become rather "at home" in Virginia.  Still there are a few things I truly do miss.

  • I miss my family, especially my mom, whom I could easily visit in Arkansas whenever the mood struck. With Mom now retired, in her golden years, and more than a thousand miles from here, the sense of urgency to visit is greater than ever but it is only feasible to make the journey once or twice a year.  A visit that once was easily accomplished with a three-hour drive on a weekend now requires twenty-two hours of drive time and an entire week's vacation.
  • I miss my church and the choir where I served and worshipped for more than 27 years.  They too are family, near and dear to my heart but so very far away.
  • I miss the neighbors who lived near us for the thirteen years we were in our last home. They were the kind of neighbors who more than waved. They were involved with us, gave us advice, lent us tools, and offered eggs, butter, or milk when a recipe called for what we did not have. We have yet to make that connection here.
  • I miss my flowers and our big corner lot shaded by oak trees and adorned with azaleas too numerous too count.  Don't get me wrong -- I love the little house we live in and the picturesque stream that flows through the front yard when it rains.  I absolutely adore the lush foliage and serenity of the woods outside my back door.  But I miss all the color of the perennials I had planted and enjoyed as they sprouted and bloomed throughout the spring and summer months. Now that we have been in our home awhile I look forward to planting a new crop of flowers this spring and watching them color the landscape around our little bungalow. 
But for all the things I miss, there are many more I do not miss:  the noise of the city, the frantic pace of the suburban life we left behind, the crime, and the amount of time it takes to get away from those things.  The things we gained -- jobs we love, more time with our kids, time to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us, the close proximity of the river and ocean beaches, and the luxury of sitting on the deck listening to the frogs and watching the birds come home to nest -- have given me a deep appreciation for the many ways God has revealed himself and displayed his glory.

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