Thursday, December 11, 2014

Still Finding My Way

A few years back, sometime between the publication of my first devotional book in late 2009 and my last book in 2013, I vainly envisioned myself with a speaking ministry that would provide opportunities for me to encourage large groups of women in churches throughout the South.  As a working mom I could barely find time to take care of my family and work obligations, let alone market and build interest in my books and speaking ministry.  By taking my cue from the positive feedback of others rather than seeking God's will, I inevitably set myself up for failure.  But sometimes failure is a good thing.

God has a way of humbling us, often before we recognize His call or reach our God-ordained ministry. While I believe God has used my books and blogs to encourage others in their faith walk, I am now convinced that the idea of a writing and speaking ministry was probably never His plan for me.  The events of this year have convinced me of that more than ever.

What has been the lesson I have learned in all of this?  That God's thoughts are not my thoughts, neither are His ways my ways (Isaiah 55:8). The beauty of the journey is that no matter how many detours I take along the way He will always patiently and divinely redirect my steps so that I walk beside Him and serve in the places of ministry He chooses.

Our greatest career ambition will never surpass the fulfillment of finding ourselves in God's perfect will or carrying out His plan for our lives. No adventure is greater than walking in the path He ordains. Although our choices are sometimes costly, God never wastes the experiences of those who ultimately seek to do His will.  Of that I am most certain.

It doesn't matter to me if I ever write or sell another book. All that matters is encouraging others with His Word -- the ultimate and eternal bestseller -- and living each day to know God more and use all He has given me to make a difference in the lives of others.  Could anything be better than that?

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