Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fighting the Frenzy

It comes this time every year...the frantic holiday countdown.  The calendars and clocks on our walls, phones, and computers serve as constant reminders that time passes quickly, deadlines approach much sooner than we are prepared to meet them, and Christmas is just around the corner.

Each year many of us resolve to ease ourselves into the holiday season rather than be crushed by the rush to get everything done by midnight Christmas Eve.  We look for ways to cut back, do less, and savor the season but invariably get caught up in the madness of it all.  So what is the secret to fighting the frenzy?  There is no cookie-cutter formula for accomplishing everything and maintaining sanity and grace while navigating holiday traffic, seasonal celebrations, and balancing the holiday budget. The secret in finding peace at Christmas is really the same as it is for finding peace all year long.  The secret lies in an abiding relationship with Jesus, which is cultivated daily by sitting in his presence, talking with him in prayer, and getting to know him more fully by reading his Word.

Being organized, having a shopping list, and making a budget are all helpful; however, if we fail to commit them to the Lord, pray for his provision, and wisely allocate our time and resources, we soon get sucked into the holiday vortex where things quickly spin out of control.  When we focus too much on the holiday and neglect to remember the Reason for the Season, then everything becomes a blur and we lose enjoyment of what Christmas was meant to be.

Jesus bids us come to him as little children (Matthew 19:14).  Isn't that what Christmas is all about...coming to Christ?  How many children do you see running around all stressed out because they feel they have to attend one more holiday function, buy one more gift, or one-up the neighbors' holiday decorations?  Perhaps if, like children, we search for the Wonder of Christmas instead of trying so hard to make Christmas wonderful, we may actually find peace on earth or, at least, in our little corner of it.

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