Saturday, October 4, 2014

Will We Be Different?

As I think about my father-in-law, who would have turned 89 today and is celebrating his first birthday in heaven, I find myself wondering how different life must be for him today and how his personality his changed. I remember how he was here -- funny, giving, sometimes a little unorthodox and cranky. His prayers were always filled with acknowledgements of God's holiness and sovereignty though his actions often reflected his own human nature.

Those of us who walk with the Lord can attest with all gratefulness to the fact that we are not the people we used to be. Still, we are flawed and unworthy--except by God's grace--to even speak the name of Jesus let alone stand in His presence.  It is hard to imagine that we could be any different than we are, or how we will be when we meet God face-to-face.

Scripture tells us that in heaven there will be no more pain or sorrow or suffering, that we will worship the Lamb of God, and that we will have perfect bodies. But what about our personalities? How will they change?  Will we be different?  Will we no longer be challenged by difficult people or subject to personality conflicts?  It is hard to imagine that every resolution will be peaceful or that conflict will be absent altogether, yet that is what most of us long for.  We want to get along with difficult relatives, impossible neighbors, and be more tolerant and loving of those who presently challenge us.

I have no doubt that we will will be different and better.  But how will we be different?

It is hard to imagine what my father-in-law is experiencing today or how he has changed. Would I even recognize him now? If we swapped places would he recognize me?

Before my day comes to make that final journey to be with Jesus, I hope that I will be so radically changed by Him that others will recognize Him in me.

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