Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ms. Stake and Me

Most people have a favorite teacher, an individual who helps shape them during their impressionable years.  My high school English teacher ranks high on my list of favorite teachers, running a close second to my top tutor, Ms. Stake.

I have learned a lot from Ms. Stake. Even though some of her lessons were the result of my own embarassing errors, much of what she has taught me has protected me from the devastating consequences of far greater transgressions than misspelled words or hasty decisions. When I have listened to her wisdom she has saved me time and money.  And on occasion, my life.

Recently I started a new job after a three-month absence from the work force.  I hit the ground running, never dreaming that I would learn so much in such a short period of time. Just when I thought I had successfully finished a project I discovered an error that set me back a couple of hours, one that could have been avoided had I not been in such a rush to complete the project.  Lesson learned?  Haste makes waste and smug self-satisfaction can be squashed by the simplest little mistake.

Although Ms. Stake is a totally fictitious teacher, there is a Teacher -- the Holy Spirit -- who is always with me guiding me and directing my footsteps. The textbook he uses is the Word of God.  When I actually listen to him and follow his lead I am blessed in so many ways.  He never leads me astray; in fact, he does all he can to help me avoid costly mistakes that could result in harm to me and those I love.

Many years ago I went through a season of rebellion when I stopped listening to the Spirit and started living in willful disobedience. I suffered a lot of brokenness and heartache. Bad things happened to me...really bad things...but God never gave up on me and never quit teaching me.  Once I decided to open my heart to him again and start walking in obedience to his Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit, he set my feet on the path to an adventure that gets more exciting with each passing day -- a personal relationship with God and the joy of intimate fellowship with him.

Maybe you have made mistakes that you feel disqualify you from a personal relationship with God.  I've been there and completely understand. So does God.  But God has made a way to restore your fellowship with him through his Son, Jesus Christ, who died to save us all from our sins and rose from the dead so that we may experience new life in him.

If you are tired of making mistakes and being defined by your own failures, look to the One who can redeem you once and for all.

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