Friday, August 22, 2014

The Rainbow Connection

Rainbow at Gloucester Point Beach
A lot of people are skeptical when it comes to "signs and wonders," but not me! As a lover of nature and the God who created all things I often sense his presence when I survey the beauty of his creation. That in itself is no small wonder! But what about signs? Does God still use signs to connect and communicate with his people? Yes, I believe he does.

One of the wonders God has used in my life more than once, to signal his presence and fill me with peace in a particular situation, is a rainbow. Nearly thirty years ago after my father passed away late one night, my mother and I faced the dreadful task of driving across town to deliver the sad news to my grandmother early the next morning. Knowing how devastated she would be I prayed for God to be with us and comfort Grannie in a way we could not. As we pulled onto the interstate to make the thirty-minute trip I looked out my window and saw a beautiful rainbow in the east, which was visible the entire duration of our drive. It was a sign to me of God's presence with us and his assurance that everything would be okay.

Just a few days ago I drove to the beach at Gloucester Point, a favorite spot of mine since our move to Virginia, to pray before an important job interview.  In the past few months I have visited the Point several times a week, at various times and in all kinds of weather, to look at marine life and watch the river flow. It is a peaceful and beautiful place where I often go to escape from the noise and stress of life. But on this particular day, because of its close proximity to the location of my interview, it became a place of prayer.

When I pulled into my usual spot near the bridge I looked out my driver side window and spotted a rainbow stretched across the sky above the river.  A coincidence? I think not. It was the first rainbow I had seen at the Point. Quickly I grabbed my camera to take a photo of the rainbow, joyfully accepting it as a sign of God's presence with me in the interview and his promise to meet our needs by opening the door to the job he has already chosen for me.

The connection I felt with God as I gazed upon that rainbow is a connection we each can have through a personal relationship with his son Jesus, who died to save us from our sins. If you have never received his free gift of salvation and desire to learn more, click here. It will be the best decision you ever make!

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