Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Loving Laundry

Call me nuts but today I am thrilled to be doing laundry.   I know -- it doesn't take much to entertain me, right?  Odd as it sounds, the chore of cleaning clothes has taken on new meaning for me since moving here.

We knew that it would be prudent to leave behind the old washer and dryer we had in Tennessee, even though the new rental house had every appliance but a washer and dryer.  We knew that until such time as God provided new appliances we could manage the chore of doing laundry by visiting the local laundromat.  With every dollar I painfully pumped into the laundromat's machines I developed an appreciation and longing for the convenience of having my own machines at home.

On my first visit to the laundromat I hoped to journal or balance my checkbook.  Instead I found myself trapped in uncomfortable conversations I didn't want to have with people I didn't even know.  On my second visit my mind began to turn like the drums in the dryers pictured here.   It occurred to me that sometimes my life resembles a load of laundry spinning out of control.   Juggling the tasks of unpacking, keeping my kids from going stir crazy, and trying to function normally in a chaotic environment has at times been overwhelming.

As I folded our laundry I prayed for a lot of things:  my son's search for employment, friends for my daughter, a church home, and order to be restored as we continued unpacking and settling in.  I also prayed shamelessly for a washer and dryer, which God graciously provided through a family friend despite my weak faith and determination to solve our dilemma by placing a $1400 order with Best Buy.  I left the store with believer's remorse knowing that once more I had put my faith in plastic rather than in my Provider.  But God was gracious and provided a pair of used machines, making it possible to cancel the order I should not have made in the first place.

Now as I wander back and forth to the garage to do laundry in machines that were given to us, I am reminded of God's faithfulness and provision.  God knew our need and had the solution worked out long before I ever walked through the door of Best Buy.  I know there will be times (as there have already been) when I will fret about how we will make it to the next pay day or find the resources to take care of unexpected expenses like sick kids and broken down cars.  But one glance at my washer and dryer will remind me that God is indeed trustworthy and able to do immeasurably more than I can ask or imagine -- if I will trust him!

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