Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hayes Home Tour

Now that the boxes have been unpacked and photos have been hung on the wall I thought I'd post a few pictures of our humble abode for those who've not yet had a sneak peak on Facebook.  Not pictured are the kids' bedrooms and the garage, which doubles as a laundry room.   We are so thankful for our little house in Hayes, the washer/dryer that were given to us, and all the ways God has revealed himself on this journey.  Thank you for your continued prayers as we continue to settle in, hunt for jobs (Chris and I), and search for a church home.  We continue to seek the glorious unfolding of God's will and give him all the glory!

Our little house, tucked away in a quiet neighborhood with one of the only paved driveways on the street!

Easter lilies along the front porch. I have trimmed the shrubs and weeded this bed since this picture was taken so it looks even nicer now.  Lilies of all kinds are very popular around here.  Next year I hope to have more!

My little container garden on the deck, made using some plastic bowls my mom gave me.  When I unpacked my kitchen I decided not to put the bowls, which I hardly used, in the cabinets but rather use them as flower planters since I had nothing growing in the back yard and hardly any money to put in a flower bed.  Looking forward to more flowers next year!

Hydrangeas outside our bedroom window.  I didn't discover these until days after we moved in.

Welcome to our home!  Our living room is smaller than the family room in our old house but I love it so much more!  No more dark paneling to make the room dreary.  This has lovely windows across the front as well as a porch I can actually use!

Steve moved in a month before we did and wasted no time hanging his Star Wars magazine covers over the hearth and displaying his Darth Vader collection on the mantle.  I didn't have the heart to make him take them down.
Another view of the family room taken from the dining area looking toward the front door.  Cover on the La-Z-Boy is to protect it from the dog and make it cozy for me when I have my morning coffee.

A cabinet from Steve's parents' home which now serves to display my grandfather's Norman Rockwell plates and a few of my teapots.  I didn't have a place to display either in our previous home and am especially glad to enjoy them now.

The three antique marble-top tables in this photo belonged to my grandparents and were tucked in the living room of our other house.  We hardly used that room so I was never really able to enjoy them.  They work nicely in our new home.

"In my own little corner, in my own little chair..."  This is my La-Z-Boy, the place where I have coffee and meet with the Lord to begin each new day and occasionally write a blog post.  This remains the best seat...and sometimes the best the house!

Our dining area as seen from the kitchen.  On the wall is a painting of a fox squirrel given to me long before I married.  Hidden behind a door in our other house, it has now found a prominent place on the wall where I can finally enjoy it.  I love squirrels!

Our kitchen as seen from the dining area.  Not visible is the pantry, the first I've had in 27 years of marriage!

Our bedroom/my office = my sanctuary when I need a quiet place to ponder. 

My "corner office" -- the place where I write, pay bills, and stay connected.

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