Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Home Stretch

This morning when I flipped the calendar to the current month I nearly panicked.  We are in the home stretch of our move to Virginia and I'm not even close to being ready!  Instead of taking the day off to celebrate May Day, I'm inclined to shout "Mayday! Mayday!" at the top of my lungs.  But I know that everything is going to be accomplished in God's perfect timing and in answer to all the prayers being offered in our behalf by friends and family.  Considering all we have come through since Steve received his job offer in January, I believe the worst is behind us.

Steve's move to Gloucester -- the first phase of our relocation -- was accomplished within twelve days of receiving his job offer, a true miracle in itself.  God couldn't have orchestrated a smoother transition for Steve.  We decided that Joy and I would stay in Collierville through the end of the school year to allow her to finish middle school with her friends and give us time to sell our home.

Less than two weeks after Steve's move his dad was hospitalized for a health issue we thought could be resolved with physical therapy, as it was last year.  We could not
not have anticipated that his condition would deteriorate rapidly, resulting in his relocation to heaven rather than Virginia.  God's grace and the love of caring friends carried us through that very difficult time.  As a result of this unanticipated change we are now working with Steve's brother to relocate their mother to Virginia so she is not left alone.  Logistically, much still needs to happen in order to get her moved by the time we leave but we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God, who has allowed all these things, is in complete control and fully able to work all things together for our good and hers.

After the funeral Steve returned to Virginia and ramped up his search for a rental home.  Joy and I were able to visit him during Spring Break.  During that week we looked at houses and explored the area we will soon call home.  Although the house we wanted was rented before we had a chance to make an offer, Steve was able to find an even bigger one-story house just minutes from the beach!   He moves in this Saturday.  He will fly home in late May to help us finish packing, attend Joy's middle school graduation, and move us to "the land of the life worth living," where we can finally be together as a family after four and a half long months apart!

In recent weeks I have spent long hours sorting through and organizing old photos, archiving newspaper articles I have written, and cleaning out quite an accumulation of outdated and useless paperwork.  By this weekend my office should be packed and I will finally be able to move onto the rest of the house and attic.  Those areas should be much easier to deal with since I have very little emotional attachment to the things we'll be discarding.  It won't take me nearly as long to weed out clothes I no longer wear, household items I no longer use, and movies I no longer watch.  

There were items we needed to sell before our move:  our
home, furniture we have no room for, and the 1972 Cutlass Steve had hoped to someday restore.  The house sold and closed in mid-April and as God would have it, the furniture and car sold within a forty-eight hour period of each other, just in time to pay for some expenses we had not budgeted for. God is good and his timing is perfect!

One of the things I most wanted to do before our move was help grant my mom's longtime wish to fly over her property in Heber Springs, a birthday gift from her children.  As soon as Steve accepted his job offer I developed a sense of urgency to search for a pilot who could help us fulfill that wish.  On my last trip to Heber a couple of weeks ago she was able to take that flight.  It is a memory I will always cherish.  The next time she boards a plane hopefully it will be to visit us in Virginia!

My smart phone, which contains my calendar, contacts, and to-do list, has been my constant and close companion on this journey.  The wisdom of God has been my guide.  His abiding presence has been my peace.  The prayers of my friends and family have been a fragrant aroma and the wind beneath my wings.  I love you so much for praying for us.

For now -- least until the move is complete -- I bid my handful of blog readers a fond farewell.  Although this  signals the end of a season of ministry, it is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter of our lives which God has already written and will reveal to us in the months and years to come!

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