Sunday, May 11, 2014

M.O.M. (Ministry of Motherhood)

Read Proverbs 31:10-31

Are you a mom, or do you have a M.O.M.?  If you are a woman, regardless of whether or not you have had children by natural birth, adopted a child, or invested your life in someone else by being a spiritual mom, please know that in the eyes of many, especially the One who called you to the "ministry of motherhood," you are honored and highly favored not merely on Mother's Day but each and every day!

Many women consider being a mom to be an often thankless and unnoticed occupation.  Yet it is one of the most important roles a woman can fulfill.  The responsibility of shaping another individual to know and be like Christ, to mature into a responsible individual, and to walk in the purposes God has for him is both difficult and daunting.  With the playground as your board room and the home as your office, you must make it your business to do whatever is necessary to not only nurture your child and ensure their success in life but to model the behaviors and teach them the life skills they will need to flourish in a world that has become increasingly hostile.  You must show them by example how to love, respect, serve, and lead their fellow man.  It is from you that they will learn about justice and the consequences of their choices, and they will look to you for wisdom to make the right ones.

No matter your age or status as a woman or the difficulties you encounter along the way, embrace the M.O.M. that God has given you.  Thank him for the "ministry of motherhood" to which you have been called and take joy in knowing that "He who calls you is faithful" (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

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