Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lessons from the Move

Preparing for an out-of-state move has been quite an experience.  The task of de-cluttering my house and sorting through files and photos has proven to be tedious and time-consuming.  It has also been a revealing process for me as I have discovered that not everything in life is as important as it seems.

It has often been said that parents take more photos of their first child than the ones born later.  In my case that is certainly true.  After spending hours looking through and discarding photos that were crammed in a file cabinet I realized that most of those photos, many of them never seen by anyone but me, were in fact a waste of money and the paper they were printed on.  Although I kept hundreds of photos and put them in albums so they may be enjoyed by family and friends, hundreds more were sent to the landfill.

A few years ago when I took my garage sale leftovers to a local Goodwill center I resolved to stop buying things I don't need or won't use.  On that particular day the Goodwill had so many donations that there was hardly room to receive mine.  The Lord impressed upon me that day that not only does our stuff fail to satisfy that inner longing that only He can fill but often results in work and inconvenience for those who at some point have to take care of those things we no longer want or need.  How much stuff do we really need anyway?

I can't move all this stuff to Virginia, let alone take it with me to heaven.  So instead of investing time and resources acquiring things that will require time and money to maintain I will choose to invest my time and resources in the things that really matter, the people I love and those who don't yet know Jesus.  I plan to lighten my load considerably and take on the yoke of Christ, loving and investing my time and resources in the lives of others.

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