Friday, April 18, 2014

A Different Kind of Easter

This year Easter won't resemble the holiday of years past and that bothers me, sort of.   Or does it really?

Because of changes in our lives this year my husband is in another state.  On Easter Sunday my son will likely work and my daughter and I will attend church and grab a quick bite of lunch afterward, as we do on any typical Sunday.  There will be no family meal to prepare and we won't venture into a restaurant because of the crowds and lack of time for a more leisurely and festive holiday feast.  Part of me is okay with that.

Although I didn't manage to mail Easter cards this year or even purchase them for my children, somehow the message of Easter will still be shared.  Those Easter cards probably mean more to me than to my intended recipients anyway.  As for the candy I didn't buy, it is a sugary treat we certainly don't need.  As I think about all this it doesn't seem such a bad thing that I didn't make a production out of the Easter holiday.  After all, it's not about colorfully-dyed eggs, Easter baskets, and new clothes anyway, is it?  Certainly I'm not knocking those longstanding traditions but they just didn't happen for our family this year.  Perhaps next Easter, after we settle into our new life in Virginia, we can celebrate in a more traditional and familiar fashion.

A couple of days ago as I was organizing and packing photos for the move I ran across Easter cards from years long past, photos of our family standing with my dad, who has been gone for many years.  He always bought his girls orchid corsages and dressed up in his Sunday best on Easter after taking home movies of us hopping through the yard in our bathrobes as we hunted eggs before the service.  As I relished those memories I couldn't help but shed a few mournful tears knowing that Easter will never quite be the simple joy it was when I was young.

Fast forward a few decades.  This Easter will be unlike any other, but the Risen One whose resurrection we celebrate is the same today as he was long before there was an Easter holiday.  Although not having the time or resources to celebrate Easter in a more traditional fashion has left me a little sad and disappointed, I have only to remember the Reason we celebrate Easter and recognize him -- not the Easter bunny or a basketful of chocolates -- as my true source of joy.

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  1. True source of joy is indeed the 'reason' behind the celebration of Easter. Good article!