Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Land of the Life Worth Living

Gloucester County, VA bills itself as "the land of the life worth living."  After spending a few days exploring Gloucester and some of the surrounding communities, I can understand why they can make that claim.  It is a beautiful place.  For someone like me, who loves water and woodlands, it is a little slice of heaven on earth, a place I feel I could call home.

Trying to accomplish in five short days what most people take weeks to tackle -- house hunting -- has been stressful at times.  Steve's apartment is in a wooded area off the beaten track so we spent the first two or three days trying to work with less than ideal Internet access.  That was a killer in terms of progress, but I figure if God can create the world in six days He can certainly find me a home in two or three!

The Red House in the woods
After a lot of driving and surveying Gloucester County and comparing it with surrounding areas we decided that this is indeed where we would like to settle, at least for now.  Housing here is a little more expensive so we have no expectation that we will end up with as much square footage for the money as we have in Tennessee.  However, this little beauty, with its newly-remodeled exterior and covered deck off the back, has enough charm that I'd be willing to give up an extra room for the serenity and solitude of its wooded setting and the close proximity of the York River, which is less than two minutes down the road we'd be living on if the Lord decides to bless us with this home.  Talk about a writer's dream house!

Park at York River near the Red House
The York River winds through the area and has a lovely beach at Gloucester Point, just a short drive from the red house above.  Joy and I have decided it is one of our favorite spots, a place we will be sure to frequent over the summer.
Gloucester Point Beach
Birds of Gloucester Point
There is so much history here.  It will take us months to discover all the places to visit just in our back yard. Main Street in Gloucester looks like a miniature Williamsburg!  Not far from us is Williamsburg itself, as well as Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown.  As we explore quaint shops,attend  festivals, and enjoy birding by canoe on Beaver Dam Lake, Joy and I will have a summer-long vacation!

There's so much more I'd like to show and tell you, but I'll save that for another day.  For now, Joy and I are loading up the dog and heading back to Gloucester Point one last time before making the long drive back to Collierville this weekend to begin the chore of cleaning out and packing up our belongings.

Please continue to pray that God will put us in the home of His choosing.  I'd love for it to be the red house in the woods, but if He has another place that's okay too.  The natural wonders and historical treasures that make this area so appealing aren't going anywhere!

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