Monday, March 24, 2014

More Than We Can Handle

I have spent a great deal of time with my calendar this morning scheduling medical appointments that must take place prior to our move in late May and marking "last days"and important events like Joy's eighth grade graduation.  The reality that we are moving in less than ten weeks and closing this chapter of our lives is beginning to sink in.  Sometimes God does give us more than we can handle.

As I look back over the past five or six years I am reminded of the trials I have endured, the heartbreaks that have devastated me emotionally, and the loss of friends and family members who have departed this earth, many of them before their time.  The challenge of parenting teenagers in a society that continues to deteriorate morally, the financial reversal resulting from the loss of two full-time jobs in an eighteen-month period, and my own struggles with depression and stress have at times been more than I can handle.

But don't we all have lives that are at times more than we can handle, or at least know of those who do?  Having recently talked with a couple of friends who are facing some of the battles I have encountered in recent years, I was reminded once more that even though God does sometimes give us more than we can handle, He NEVER gives us more than HE can handle!

I don't know what your burden is today, but know this:  God's shoulders are strong enough to bear your burden.  His thoughts and ways are higher than yours, and far more capable of understanding and knowing your circumstances and the outcome that is best for you.  His love for you is deeper than you can possibly imagine, so deep in fact that He willingly gave up His life so you could find salvation and peace in Him.  

The  next time you feel God has placed more on you than you can handle, consider that perhaps He trusts you enough to carry that burden in such a way that He is glorified as you draw near to Him in faith and walk the journey He has set before you.  Yes, it is more than you can handle, but nothing is impossible with God!

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