Thursday, February 6, 2014

Until He Comes

Every now and then life becomes a little overwhelming and it seems that our prayers are unheard.  We know that God is faithful to His promises and we eagerly anticipate the day when He will return to take His saved ones home to heaven.

But until He comes...
  • Life will be stressful.
  • We will experience the unpleasant role reversal that happens when our elderly parents become more needy and we have to assume responsibility for their care.
  • Cancer and other illnesses will continue to ravage the lives of friends and family while we offer prayers for healing, knowing there is little else we can do.
  • Young people will be caught up in human trafficking.
  • Innocent lives will be lost to abortion.
  • Teenagers will rebel and embrace a self-destructive lifestyle characterized by drug use, sexual activity, and violence.
  • The homeless will languish on the streets of our cities, overlooked by those who cannot imagine such a way of life.
  • Animals will be abused.
  • Marriages will shatter on the rocks of unfaithfulness, disillusion, and domestic abuse.
  • Hearts will be broken over the loss of loved ones and betrayal by those we thought were our friends.
  • The freedoms we have enjoyed will cease to exist because corrupt and foolish politicians will continue to enact legislation that is contrary to the very moral and spiritual foundations on which our laws were established.
  • The poor will die hungry, diseased, and forgotten.
  • Our lust for more will destroy any hope of financial peace as our debt skyrockets.
  • Those who don't know Christ will perish unsaved and spend eternity in hell....

Therefore, until He comes...
  • We must shine as His lights in our dark world and be salt to those who taste death and destruction in all its forms.
  • We must live what we believe, true to the life set out for us in God's Word.
  • We must not do anything which would cause anyone to stumble or see believers as hypocrites but rather live with authenticity as the Christians we profess to be.
  • We must show our faith by our works by serving those in need, giving to the church, and helping the poor, homeless, and downtrodden among us.
  • We must fight for our constitutional rights and the welfare of our society.
  • We must share, with our lives and the word of our testimony, the message of salvation with every lost soul God puts in our paths.

The time is short.  Jesus is returning.  But until He comes there is much work to do to ensure that all men have the opportunity to hear and receive the message of salvation that will ensure their eternity with Jesus in that heavenly place where there will be no more sorrow, sickness, or death.

What will you do until He comes?

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