Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holy New Year

New Year's resolutions are easily made and broken.  We resolve to eat less, spend less, be less angry, exercise more, and generally strive to be better people than we were the year before.  We do these things hoping that we will be healthier, happier, and more prosperous than we were last year.  But life doesn't work that way.  God never intended for us to be able to make things better.  That's His job.  Left to our own devices, we will ultimately fail to realize the fulfillment of our resolutions.

Many people will use one of the following words as a theme for the new year -- hope, love, happiness, health, peace, or prosperity. But perhaps the word we should be hitching our  wagon to is "holy," because when we strive to be holy as God is holy and surrender our lives to his will, everything else will fall into place.

As we strive to live holy lives we will place more trust in God and his Word.  We will be conscious of the fact that our bodies are temples of his Holy Spirit and therefore be more apt to supply them with good nutrition, sleep, and exercise. We will realize that certain behaviors do not honor God and therefore will do our best --by his grace and in the power of his Holy Spirit--to honor and cherish instead of criticize and berate those we love, clean up our language, monitor our entertainment, refrain from overindulging our appetites and lust for more, and seek ways to serve others rather than be served.

Certainly, I wish all of you a Happy New Year, but I also pray that we each may embrace it as Holy New Year, taking each day as it comes and giving thanks in all things knowing that God is working all things together for our good!

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