Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

This time of year it is natural for many of us to remember the ghosts of Christmas past, those memories that may haunt us or are simply hauntingly beautiful.  Whether it is the subtle yearning for one who is no longer close to us, or home-movie memories of happy childhood Christmases when our wonder-filled eyes were bigger than our wish lists, these melancholy ghosts often appear when we least expect them.  A song on the radio or visit to a special place can trigger a flood of emotions that blindside us and have us singing the Christmas blues.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I like to linger in those moments and talk to the ghosts of Christmas past.  Any heartbreak I might feel is temporary and triggers an avalanche of gratitude to the God who healed the brokenness and revealed Himself to me in a way I would never have known without the pain. In those times when Christmas becomes a chaotic mess, those home-movie memories remind me of the richness and importance of family time and fellowship with friends.  It's the people, and especially Christ, who make Christmas meaningful, not the gifts we receive.

If you find yourself a little sad this time of year, don't beat yourself up for feeling blue.  Don't throw yourself a pity party either!  But do look to Jesus, the Indescribable Gift, and ask Him to become your everything. Jesus is all you need and His grace is sufficient for you.  There is not a broken relationship His passionate love for you cannot overshadow, or a hurt He cannot heal.  He is the Joy-Giver, waiting eagerly for you to unwrap the greatest Gift of all -- His love for you.  Let this be the year that you give Him your heartaches and regret and experience once more the true Wonder of Christmas.

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