Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cruising to Christmas

I don't know about your life but lately mine has been just a little too crazy!  Most of November was a flurry of activity, very little of it productive because of unexpected detours along the way.

As I turn my calendar page from November to December, my thoughts are now focused on Christmas and all the preparations and activity that are a part of the holidays.  Even though I made a lengthy to do list this morning, I am inclined to set it all aside for a day or two and simply catch my breath.  I am determined to enjoy Christmas this year, with or without decorations, in spite of an insanely busy schedule, and with my sights on the manger instead of the mania.

How about you?  What can you do this year to make your Christmas a little more meaningful and a lot less maniacal?  Instead of attending every holiday function on my calendar, I will omit one or two to free up an evening for relaxing with my family and a good Christmas movie!  I will battle the compulsion to use every Christmas decoration in storage and simply put up the tree and set out a few treasured Christmas pieces in the main living areas of my home.  Instead of my usual Christmas newsletter, which I typically email to the world, I will hand-write a few Christmas cards (real ones) and mail them to family members.  Since I do so much of my communicating on Facebook there is really no need to repeat the news that most of my friends already know.

This year I am cruising to Christmas and keeping things as simple as I possibly can.  In the end, what matters is the Spirit of Christmas, the love of Christ which we should share every day of the year with those we meet on our journey.  If we learn to live and learn to give as Christ intended, then we can spread Christmas joy and cheer throughout the year!

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