Sunday, November 17, 2013

Relishing the Stillness

I try to spend some time with the Lord at the beginning of every day.  Those few moments spent reading his Word and praying for others and myself are critical and life-sustaining.  Without God's intimate involvement in the details of my life I would surely be lost!

This morning I enjoyed an extended quiet time. Because of transportation issues and rainy weather I opted to stay home and watch our worship service live on the Internet after reading my devotionals.  After the worship service I spent some time in prayer.  During that prayer time I realized that the desire of my heart is not that God would give my husband a job or a car to replace his Camry which died at a very inopportune time.  Rather my desire is to be so filled with God's Spirit and so captivated by his love that none of these earthly matters can overshadow the joy of my relationship with God.

Is is possible to live above one's circumstances and actually achieve that level of intimacy with God?  If I spent a little more time relishing the stillness and less time asking for God to meet the needs of others and my own family, would he still answer those prayers?  Yes, I believe he would.

God has a heart's desire, too -- that we would be still and know that he is God.  He wants us to cast our cares on him because he cares for us.  Just for one day, could we cease to pray repetitiously for ourselves and simply tell God that we love him?

It is time to turn our eyes upon Jesus, to give him our undivided hearts and undistracted devotion.  It is time to give thanks for his goodness and his answers to our spoken and unspoken prayers.  It is time to enjoy him rather than let our challenging circumstances steal away our joy.

I pray that your cares and concerns will melt away as you relish the stillness and savor being in the presence of your God.  He wants so much to be with you and to show you just how much he loves you.  Pray for him to open your eyes to his glory and unlock your heart so his love and his Spirit can fill you afresh this day.

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