Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Envelope

On my walk around the lake at my favorite park I observed a young Asian woman sitting on a bench nearby.  In her hand she held a tattered envelope with writing on it, which she was studying intently.  Could it have been a note from a loved one who is far away or perhaps even deceased, or merely a bit of English she was translating?  Intrigued by the possibilities and the amount of attention she was giving that piece of paper, I walked away pondering the tattered envelope.

As I completed the half-mile loop and once more passed by the bench, I  noticed her still sitting there studying the writing on that piece of torn paper and I wondered, Do we cherish and study God's Word so intently?  God's Word is his love letter to us, written to reveal his character and instruct us in the way we should live.  It tells of mankind's history and foretells our future.  The Bible tells the story of God's redeeming love and points the way to our Savior.

You may be a keeper of love letters and cherished cards from friends.  But have you read and hidden God's Word in your heart?  If not, I challenge you to spend five minutes a day reading and studying God's Word. In it you will discover for yourself his amazing love, learn his ways, and fall in love with the One whose story it tells.

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