Saturday, October 12, 2013

I May Never...

I may never write a book that makes the NY Times Bestsellers list because I will never write a book full of lust, witchcraft, profanity, or wanton violence.  But I will have the thrill of knowing that someone might experience the joy of a closer walk with God and discover that there is freedom, not bondage, in God's amazing love. 

I may never solve the social ills of poverty, homelessness, and abandonment.  No one person can do all that.  But I will do my part by financially supporting organizations that minister to the downtrodden and reaching out to the lonely and hurting when God provides the opportunity and means to do so.  I will give to my local church, support other ministries and relief organizations, and use God's blessings in my life to bless others.

I may never break the bondage of consumer debt that I now carry because of foolish decisions I made decades ago.  But, having repented of foolish and destructive spending habits, I will continue to pay back every penny I owe until the last debtor is paid or Jesus returns, whichever comes first.  I will educate my children about the proper use of money, the failure of "things" to satisfy the longings that only Jesus can, and His faithfulness to supply all our needs according to the promises of His Word.  I will lead by example and be transparent when it comes to sharing the consequences of what can happen when we are unwise stewards of God's gifts.

I may never be called the "world's greatest mom" by my children or give them everything that their friends have been given.  But I will teach my children about God's love and His ways by upholding and modeling a biblical lifestyle even though it is not a popular way of living.  They will know the mistakes I made and the consequences I suffered as a result.  And while I hope they will follow my example I know they almost certainly will not.  They will have to learn life's lessons the hard way as I did in order to embrace for themselves the love and grace of God and the forgiveness of sin purchased for them on the Cross.  While they find their way and stretch their wings I will pray without ceasing and trust God to work all things -- even their gravest mistakes -- together for their good.  I will trust Him to accomplish the good purpose He has for their lives, even in their seasons of rebellion.  And I will never cease to believe that one day, no matter how far they may wander from the will of God, they will return and serve Him with great passion and purpose.

I may never have a ministry that has the kind of global impact that others have.  But if one person comes to Jesus as a result of anything good they see in me, then my life will have made a difference and my goal of glorifying Him will be complete. 

I will certainly never claim to be perfect or better than anyone else because I am just a sinner saved by grace.  But until Christ comes I will try to live as one redeemed by the amazing grace of the One who died for me, to the glory of His holy and precious name.

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