Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

I love to look out the window, especially the one in my office.  I find it helpful to gaze into the distance sometimes when I am thinking about what I want to write.  Lately, however, the view from my office hasn't been very inspiring because of years of grime that has accumulated on my window panes.  On a beautiful late summer day I decided I'd had enough and the time had come to tackle the beast!

I wish I had a "before" picture of my window so you could see why I was embarrassed to even open my curtains in the presence of guests.  A poorly hung storm window had allowed moisture in, resulting in a hazy glaze on the glass.  A lover of natural light and the view of trees, squirrels, and birds in my yard, I suffered with the haze and kept the curtains open except when visitors were around. 

After praying for God's help (yes, I even pray about washing windows!) I single-handedly began the task of removing the old warped aluminum storm window one rusty screw at a time.  It didn't want to budge and clung onto the window frame for dear life, reminding me of how unyielding I often am particularly when I think I am right about something.  Because I couldn't pull the window down easily, I had to work from inside my office, in a space behind my desk which was too narrow for even a skinny adult to maneuver, in order to free up the bottom of the storm window by pushing against it and forcing it away from the window sill. 

Elated at my success in removing the storm window I armed myself with glass cleaner and paper towels and began the task of cleaning each side of the windows until nearly all traces of dirt and grime were gone!  Determined to try, but not certain if I could hoist the storm window back up onto the window sill and secure it to the house, I called my husband to put him on notice that I might need his help.  However, with a little perseverance and a lot of prayer I managed to accomplish the job without him.  When he came home from work and shot me a "thumbs up," I was happy to see him clearly through the window!

Sometimes the accumulation of problems or hurts through the years clouds our vision so that we cannot clearly see God's plan or realize the depth of His love for us.  We may hang on for dear life to grudges or painful memories and miss the healing that is ours for the taking.  What is it that clouds your vision today?  Even as I prayed for God to help me remove the stubborn old storm window so that my windows could be made clean, I pray that He will strip away anything in my life which hinders my vision of Him and of His plans for me.  Will you do the same?

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