Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Restaurant Review -- Bella's Pizzeria

My family and I recently had the opportunity to try out a new pizza restaurant in Collierville.  Bella's Pizzeria, located at 833 W. Poplar across the street from Walgreens, bills itself as a "New York style eatery," offering specialty pizzas, stuffed (double crust) pizzas, calzones, sub sandwiches, pastas, and salads.

Staffed with friendly and attentive servers, the atmosphere was pleasant and the food was delicious!  In lieu of tempting appetizers, we ordered salads while waiting for our main course. My husband ordered a small Caesar salad and raved more than once about the dressing.  My daughter and I shared a large house salad with ranch dressing.  Both salads were fresh and flavorful, loaded with colorful vegetables and accompanied with dressing on the side. 

For our main course we ordered a BBQ Chicken Pizza, which featured marinated BBQ chicken, onions (the chef gladly substituted red onions for white at my husband's request), mozzarella cheese, and Memphis-style BBQ sauce.  Served on a thin crust that was cooked to perfection, the pizza was well balanced -- not too saucy, delightfully cheesy, with savory chicken that had a delicious flavor.  Unlike other BBQ chicken pizzas we have had in the past, the sauce on Bella's pizza was not so sweet or spicy that it overpowered the chicken.  We were more than happy with our pizza selection.

In addition to serving whole pizzas, Bella also serves a selection of pizzas by the slice.  They also offer delivery in Germantown and Collierville as well as carry-out service (phone 861-2544).

I plan to visit again soon, at lunchtime with friends.  Next time I will try the Greek salad and a sampling of their pasta dishes.

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