Saturday, August 3, 2013

Embrace the Blahs

Melancholy is such a beautiful word, almost melodic the way it rolls off the tongue.  Yet those who tend to be melancholy would probably like to strike the word from their vocabulary.  I have always been a little prone to the sadness or pensive thinking of a melancholic personality but have learned, especially as I have aged, that it is okay to embrace the blahs every now and then.

With my husband working two jobs and my teenagers involved in friendships and activities that often take them away from home, I find myself feeling like an empty nester at times.  I feel a little lost, not quite sure what to do with myself when no one else is around.  But when I realize that as a beloved child of God I am never truly alone, the silence and inactivity don't seem so unbearable. 

Sometimes I even manage to succeed in filling up those empty hours and drown out the silence with purposeful activity.  At the moment, though, I feel a little weary in my soul and unmotivated to do much of anything.  Perhaps I am just too tired to care about putting on a load of laundry, scrubbing the toilets, or even writing a blog.  I have learned that at times like this the best thing I can do for myself is listen to my body and simply rest.

The sanctified solitude of a quiet house on an uneventful evening has become peaceful to me.  I find it a blessing to embrace the blahs and unwrap the gift of God's presence as the rest of the world turns.  Even if I am prone to beat myself up for not making the most of these quiet moments God never will.  He welcomes every opportunity to spend time with His beloved ones!  Let Him turn your lonely hours into sacred hours as you draw near to Him.

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