Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Easier Said than Done

One of the occupational hazards a devotional writer faces is living out the advice offered to her readers.  It is something I struggle with often.

While facing a difficult decision recently, I requested prayer for wisdom and a word from God that would bring peace and clarity to my troubled heart.  I searched scripture for insight then turned to one of my own devotionals to see what if there was any direction I could glean there.  Amazingly, there was!  The scripture on which the devotional was based help clarify and give me peace about the decision.  Still, making that decision was easier said than done.

Often we are quick to give advice, whether or not solicited.  But how often do we follow our own advice, even when we know that it is the will of God to do so?  For me, whether or not I am obedient is often dictated by the way I feel about someone else or what kind of mood I find myself in. 

If we learn to walk in obedience to what God's Word says about a situation -- not how we feel or whether someone else deserves the grace God calls us to extend -- then we will have peace and the assurance that God will work it all out for good.  The right thing is seldom the easy thing, but we will never find peace while we are in conflict with God's will.

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