Friday, July 19, 2013

After All, I'm Only Human

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter serve a useful purpose.  They provide a place where we can encourage others, get news, and even solicit prayers and help when we need support.  Often though these sites are used as a place to vent and complain, spew negativity, and attack others.  I'll admit it -- there are times when I post my own personal lamentations.  After all, I'm only human. 

I try not to post my complaints in an attempt to gain the pity of others -- I am quite accomplished at pitying myself -- but rather to point out the common plight we all share living in a fallen world.  Sometimes, though, my posts elicit a response that leaves me feeling that somehow I am expected not to feel hurt, frustration, or fear.  Sure, as children of God we should all have the faith to live above the negative circumstances of life, but some times a girl just gets weary of the stress day after day.  After all, I'm only human.

Although I have published inspirational books designed to encourage others, that doesn't somehow make me a "super saint," impervious to the problems that others face.  In fact, it is because of the problems I have faced and the hope God's Word has given me in the midst of them that I have written these books in the first place.  They aren't made up, feel good stories about how great the Christian life is, but how great the God is who helps us day by day.

While I might not be facing devastating or debilitating illness at this moment, I do have my share of challenges where relationships and money are concerned.  I face many of the same stresses others do when it comes to job security, time management, and life in general.  I know the Prince of Peace but that doesn't mean I am always at peace.  Satan does all in his power to make sure I am distracted and ineffective in my efforts to encourage others.  After all, Christian or not, I'm only human.

Does being human give me license to complain to the point of sinning against or offending others?  Certainly not.  But being human does give me the right to feel the same things as anyone else.  It is my prayer not that others would see me as some "super saint" who knows all the answers and has everything under control, but rather a flesh-and-blood fellow human who has learned to find peace through a personal relationship with the Lord, who IS the answer.

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