Saturday, June 29, 2013

They Never Outgrow It

Kids often say things that tickle our funny bone.  Some kids never outgrow it.

Never one to "count" or use a timeout to avoid more effective corrective action when my children were little, I decided one day to give Joy a warning by counting to three.  She totally disarmed my effort to be a stern parent.  I counted "one....".  With a gleam of mischief in her eye, she immediately said "two."  Barely two years old, I didn't even know she could count!  Completely surprised, I couldn't help but laugh at her.  Joy-1, Mom-0.

Today at nearly fourteen she still says the darnedest things.  "Mom, your ears are so big!  Did stress do that to you?"  If stress makes one's ears grow large, then like Dumbo I could probably flap mine and fly right out of here.  God bless her!  She made me smile again and reminded me that God gave me kids for a reason:  to help me lighten up on occasion when the stress of parenting makes me want to join the circus.  Guess I'll just save the gas and stay home.  My life is a circus!

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