Wednesday, June 5, 2013

In Heaven There's Only Decaf!

Hi, my name is Dee Dee.  I'm a coffee-holic.  There, now you know.  Well, you probably already knew that but lest you need any suggestions for a birthday or Christmas gift, let me make the shopping easy for you -- a gift card to my favorite coffee shop is ALWAYS the perfect gift!

But on a more serious note, last night I had a dream that would normally have left me in a state of tearfulness and panic.  Every mother has these dreams now and then.  I dreamed I lost my child.  In the dream she was a toddler playing in a muddy section of my yard and the earth just swallowed her.  I was beside myself with fear and grief.  Determined to rescue her I went into the mud and felt around for her but could not find her.  Giving up, I cried, "This just isn't right!" 

Not long after, a neighbor carried her in to me.  She was covered in mud (picture Jean Valjean emerging from the sewer in the movie "Les Miserables" and you have some idea of how horrible she looked).  As I held her lifeless body she took a breath then struggled to open her mud-caked eyes.  Wiping the mud from her face, I was thrilled as she opened her eyes and said, "Mommy, I went to heaven today."  I have often heard of instances where people who died and were revived gave a detailed account of having been transported to heaven, where they saw all sorts of beautiful sights and the people who had gone before them."

"You did, Baby?  Tell me about it."  Needing at that moment a cup of coffee to calm my frazzled nerves, I asked, "Baby, do they have coffee in heaven?"

"No, Mommy," she replied.  "In heaven there's only decaf!"

I don't know whether there will be coffee in heaven (Lord, I hope so) or anything remotely close to it, but I know what won't be there -- brokenhearted parents who have lost children; lonely adults who have lost a spouse; drug addiction; domestic abuse; cancer; fibromyalgia; financial lack; hunger; bullying; human trafficking; abortion; crime; corrupt politicians; religious persecution; rampant immorality; sorrow; and pain. There will be no more tears.  Instead, we will live in the light of the Risen Lamb, worship and serve the King of kings and Lord of lords, and live eternally in a place whose wonders we cannot fathom (Revelation 21).

Heaven is reserved for those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ (Revelation 20:15, 21:27).  There is no other Name by which we can be saved (Acts 4:12).  By receiving Him as Savior and walking with Him by faith, we can experience the hope and joy of heaven today through a personal relationship with Jesus. 

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