Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Broken Betty

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall"...yada yada yada, Humpty. Seems you're in good company these days.

Broken Betty was climbing the walls
Broken Betty had a great fall
Her heart was a mess
Though she knew she was blessed
In faith on God's name she did call.

Her life was unraveling, it did seem
She tried to be nice but was mean
Although she kept trying
She couldn't stop crying
She prayed God would make her heart sing

How could life have turned out this way?
After all, she read Scripture each day
But her prayers hit the ceiling
And stress kept her reeling
As she begged God to show her the way

"Please fix me, dear Jesus," she prayed
"My sad heart from You, Lord, has strayed
I am hurting right now
And I'm not sure just how
To find peace, Lord; please show me the way."

Jesus said, "I'm the Way, Truth, and Life
Your assurance of peace when there's strife
Do not fret, I am here
Close as breath, I am near
In the good and the bad times of life.

"Child, the way that you take may seem hard
And at times leave you broken and scarred
Just remember the Cross
And you'll never be lost
Let my Peace find its home in your heart."

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