Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Day without Caring

Have you ever had a moment when you regretted caring about someone? A moment when all the effort you poured into helping them backfired in an avalanche of criticism and hurt? A moment when you thought to yourself, "Why bother? This isn't accomplishing anything but frustration for both of us."

We all have moments like these and wish we could simply not care about the difficult people God brings across our paths, particularly when our caring seems unappreciated and ineffective. Yet God has wired us to care for those we love; in fact, it's darn near impossible not to care.

Why do we care anyway? What motivates us to care for someone who refuses to heed advice when we have already tested the waters, been burned, and discovered that there is a better way of living? Is it that we don't want them to make the same mistakes we did or suffer the consequences of their choices? Or is it that we are so consumed by our controlling nature that we refuse to relinquish control to a sovereign God who is far more capable of making things right with that individual than we ever could? Bottom line: Do we trust God?

Sometimes I wish I didn't care. Some days I just want a day without caring. What if God felt that way about us? Where would any of us be if He ceased to care?

What if we could learn to care without controlling, pray without interfering, and to trust that God is in control instead of worrying about what we cannot control? That's easier said than done.

It may be impossible to live a day without caring for those we love but that doesn't mean that caring has to drag us down. We may simply need to spend a little more time caring for ourselves and those who truly appreciate us. As we learn to rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give God thanks in all things, we will find peace and walk in the joy of our relationship with Him.

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