Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Now This Is Living!

The Christian life, for the truly surrendered believer, is one of great adventure.  Like an arduous mountain climb it is fraught with perils and obstacles that are often unanticipated and unavoidable.  Yet the reward and glorious view that await those willing to prepare adequately and persevere are unparalleled and worth every pain it takes along the way in order to reach the pinnacle.

Successfully navigating the challenges that are part of everyday life for the surrendered Christian requires spiritual discipline and training, just like a mountain climb requires a great deal of physical and mental conditioning.  To attempt to climb a mountain without the proper equipment or training would be suicide.  Yet many Christians go through life relying on their own limited resources rather than the power and promises of God that are spelled out so clearly in His Word.  They make decisions based on human reasoning and what seems right to them rather than seeking the wisdom and will of God for their lives.  No wonder they never reach the mountaintop!

Life is hard.  Jesus tells us that in this world we will have trouble.  But He also declares that because He has overcome the world we can rest in His peace (John 16:33).  We cannot know His peace, however, unless we know Him.  And we come to know Him by spending time daily reading His Word and communicating with Him in prayer.

If you are weary of the struggles you face, perhaps you need to spend less time worrying, planning, and trying to control what happens to you and instead surrender each day to the Lord.  By spending the first part of each day reading and meditating on His Word and committing your day and your ways to Him, you are building the spiritual muscles and acquiring the wisdom you will need to successfully navigate the challenges that you will face. 

When you let God have control of your life, seeking His will and provision for all you do, then no matter how difficult life may be you will be able to say with conviction, “Now this is living!”

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