Saturday, February 9, 2013

Touch the Hem

As Jesus moved forward, he faced smothering crowds.   A woman was there who had been bleeding for twelve years. She had spent her entire livelihood on doctors, but no one could heal her.  She came up behind him and touched the hem of his clothes, and at once her bleeding stopped.  (Luke 8:42-44, CEB)
On my way to the funeral of a dear man from church I thought happily about his heavenly reunion with his bride of over sixty years, who had preceded him in death a year earlier.  I could picture them together again, healthy, happy, and enjoying the fellowship of their Savior and the blessing of being together with loved ones who were waiting for them there. 

Those happy thoughts soon gave way to heartache as I began to think of so many who are suffering in one way or another, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  Finding myself desperate for a touch from God and a miraculous intervention in my own life, I began to think of a woman who had suffered many years with an illness that no one could heal.  In her own desperation, she mustered the courage to fight her way through a crowded street to touch the hem of Jesus' garment, knowing that He alone had the power to heal her from the illness that had plagued her for so long.

Although some translations tell us that the woman walked up behind Jesus and touched the edge of his robe, I couldn't help but picture her reaching out to touch the hem of his garment.  Scripture goes on to tell us that Jesus felt power go out from Him and that He turned to ask who had touched His robe.  With trepidation and reverence, the woman came and fell at His feet and He commended her, saying her faith had healed her.

I wonder if you have reached that place of desperation where you recognize that only Jesus can put together the pieces of your broken heart, heal you physically, and restore you to wholeness?  Are you willing to submit yourself and bow before Him, with faith to trust that if you only touch the hem He will answer your prayer?  The apostle James writes, "Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up (James 4:10).  That is precisely what the woman did.  If Jesus would lift her up and proclaim her healed on the basis of her faith, will He not do the same for us?

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