Monday, February 4, 2013


Too tired to write and too weary to pray
For once I am silent with nothing to say
The struggles of life I continue to face
As each day marches on with the same frantic pace
In silence and brokenness the Lord do I seek
As in prayer I implore Him through His Word to speak
The truths and encouragement my ears long to hear
And to comfort and hold me as to Him I draw near
Nothing have I that to Him I can bring
But a heart that is hungry for the love of my King
Here in the quiet I wonder how long
It will be 'til He puts in my mouth a new song
My prayers never-ending must surely seem trite
As I lift them to heaven all morning and night
Yet somehow I think that the sound of my voice
Isn't something He dreads but a great source of joy
To the One who invites me, my troubles to cast
Upon Him, who alone knows my future and past
The nothing I offer is a sacrifice of praise
To the One who's deserving for all of our days
My nothing, my weakness, His greatness becomes
In joyful surrender, sweet Jesus, I come
My nothing I offer, laments turn to praise
A new song I'll sing for the rest of my days!

Copyright © 2013 by Dee Dee Wike. All rights reserved.


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