Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Don't Cry for Me

As time goes by and days turn into weeks, then into years
As laughter fades, the sun retreats, and cheeks are wet with tears
God holds me close and shelters me from all the strife and stress
When I am at my very worst, my God is at His best
Don't cry for me when sorrows come and heartache floods my soul
With God beside to carry me, in Him I can be whole
The trials, tribulations, and heartaches that I bear
Are just more opportunities for God to show He cares
Much more for me than I without my trials would ever know
Because no matter where life leads, with me He'll always go
If you are facing your own trials and are tempted to despair
Just breathe His name and know that He has heard your every prayer
Find reasons to give thanks to Him though trials hard may come
For one day soon the clouds will break and you will see the Son
Who longs to be your all-in-all, to make you more like Him
Look for His glory in every trial and soon despair will dim
Look up to heaven, dry your tears, and sing a song of praise
The One who comforts you when you weep will hold you all your days

Copyright © 2013 by Dee Dee Wike. All rights reserved.


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