Friday, December 14, 2012

When Nothing Else Is Certain, He Is

One only has to turn on the ten o’clock news or read the latest headlines to see that we are a society— a world—in turmoil.  For some reason, even Christians are prone to cave into the fear that disaster lurks around the corner, ill health is inevitable, and we will never have enough money to make it to the end of the month.  Somehow we have forgotten that since the beginning of time, God has been a keeper of His promises, a just and righteous God who cares about each of us, and the giver of the peace which surpasses all understanding.  No matter what may come, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

We can do everything in our power to make a difference in our world, stand for what is right, and oppose all that is evil, but we cannot prevent accidents, catastrophes, or the willful acts of sinful men against humanity.  However, even when our lives seemingly spin out of control we can trust that God is in control of every aspect of our lives because He is sovereign.

For the sinner, He is Savior.

For the weak, He is strong.

For the sick, He is healer.

For the needy, He is our ever-present help.

For the faithless, He is faithful.

For the lost, He is the way, the Truth, and the Life.

For those who are invisible to the eyes of man, He is the God who sees.

For the powerless, He is sufficient.

For the empty, He is the fulfillment of our hearts’ desires.

For the friendless, He is the friend who sticks closer than a brother.

For the weary, He is our strength and sustainer.

For the broken-hearted and lonely, He is the Lover of our souls.
If you struggle with uncertainty about what the future holds, ask yourself this question:   Do I trust the One who holds my future?  If you know God, then you must trust him because He Is.

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