Monday, December 24, 2012

There May Never Be a Perfect Christmas

No matter how hard I try to make each Christmas special, someone comes along and messes up the house I just tidied or does something to make me cranky.  I am all about pleasing others but all too quick to be disappointed that the others I am trying to please don't seem to get that Christmas would be less stressful if they'd just pitch in and help without questioning my reasons for asking them to do so.  For me, there will never be a perfect Christmas because I am imperfect and so are the ones I'll be spending Christmas with!

Come to think of it, there has probably never been a perfect Christmas.  Certainly that first Christmas was not perfect, except that it was a celebration of the only Perfect One, Christ himself.  The Perfect One was not born in a palace; He was born in a filthy cattle stall.  There was no room at the Waldorf, or even at the local hotel. 

The Perfect One was born of an unwed mother.  Although her conception was immaculate and holy, in the eyes of mankind she was probably disdained as immoral and impure.  This young girl who carried our Lord was no one's ideal of the perfect mother for God's Son.

The wise men who came to find the Christ child did so in fear of Herod, who was bent on destroying the Perfect One.  Herod's plan to seek and destroy the Ruler and Redeemer of mankind was thwarted by God's perfect plan to send the wise men home another way and establish his kingdom through the life of the Perfect One.

The only perfect Christmas was the Christmas Jesus came into our world.  I believe that is by God's design.  As long as we continue seeking perfection from anyone or anything but the Perfect One, we will never have peace with one another or with ourselves. 

There may never be another perfect Christmas, but as long as we make Christ the center of all we do and live in the light of His grace and love, then there is no reason why we can't have a very Merry Christmas.

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