Monday, December 3, 2012

I Have Seen the Light

One of my favorite songs of the Christmas season is not one you might hear play on the radio, but our choir sings it every year.  "I Have Seen the Light" is a favorite which always brings our congregation to its feet in true worship of the One who came to be the Light of the World.  Jesus called His followers to be light and salt in our generation, that others might come to know Him and experience the miracle of salvation that leads to eternal life.

I am ashamed to admit that I spent much of the weekend after Thanksgiving in a very dark place, consumed with frustration, disappointment, and anger over my failure to accomplish everything on my to do list.  The joyous anticipation of decorating my home for the holidays was dampened by a heavy spirit of despair because things didn't turn out quite the way I planned.  Rather than focus on the Reason for the season and count my blessings, I became depressed and filled with self-pity. 
It took deliberate effort to make myself unpack the decorations and place them around my home.  After assembling my pre-lit tree, I plugged it in and it failed to light up.  Replacing the fuses and burned out lights on the tree was not enough to fix the problem.  An inspection of the electrical socket and wiring revealed no obvious defects.  The only thing I could do was call the Christmas tree  hotline and seek a remedy from the maker of the Christmas tree.
Isn't that the way it is with us sometimes?  When we are broken and in a dark place of despair, there is only One who can fix what is wrong with us.  He is the Maker of our hearts, the Savior born in a stable, and Emmanuel, God with us.  He is Jesus, the Light of the World "shining in the darkness, bursting through the shadows, delivering the dawn!"*
*"I Have Seen the Light" -- Lyrics by Robert Sterling and Chris Machen
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